Saturday, September 14, 2013

September birding field trip to the Ocmulgee National Monument

Fifteen birders braved the beautiful 68 degree sunny weather to sight 57 species of birds at the Ocmulgee Monument. 
Picture provided by Kim Ramos
Distractions abounded in the form of huge spiders, numerous caterpillars, butterflies, dragonflies, and one little skink. 
Acadian Flycatcher. Picture by Jerry Amerson.
Despite these distractions, an Arcadian Flycatcher was observed catching and eviscerating some helpless dragonfly and was soon imitated by a young Eastern Bluebird. 
Jane and Joe Mangum
Also on display were White-eyed, Red-eyed, and a gorgeous Yellow-throated Vireos, numerous warblers (Hooded, Chestnut-sided, Common Yellowthroat, Northern Parula, a brightly colored Prairie Warbler), several Summer and Scarlet Tanagers. 
Photo courtesy of Kim Ramos
The largest number of different birds were spotted at the end of the field trip not far from the parking lot. All in all a wonderful way to spend a stunningly beautiful morning.
Picture by Jim Gilreath

After consolidating the tallies for the birds species, we headed out for pizza at the Ingleside Village.
Photo by Jerry Amerson
Photo by Jerry Amerson

The narrative for this post has been provided by Kim Ramos, and pictures have been provided by various contributors.  Thanks, everyone!


Anne said...

Thanks for the great report and pictures! Sorry I had to miss it!

Andre Coquerel said...

We had a good time. Hope to see you next time, Anne.