Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A presentation on eBird by Jerry Amerson

eBird is a great tool currently used by more and more birders across the country and the world.
We have some members who need a refresher on this tool so Jerry Amerson gave us a great presentation at our November general meeting.
eBird is available for free.  A free app for smartphones can also be downloaded from both Google Play or iTunes.  Once you have the app on your phone, you can use eBird in the field while birding.
This amazing tool allows you to keep your records of bird species organized in a permanent place, accessible anywhere.  And you shouldn't lose your records again.  In addition to that, you can check what is been observed in your area or in an area where you are going to.  You can also check birds movements as been reported by other birders.
Can you set up alerts to get emails on reports of bird species you haven't seen yet in your area or any other area? Yes, you can! You can do even more than I'm mentioning here.  If you're not enjoying eBird now, you need to click one of the links here and check it out for your own benefit.
Our members asked many questions.  Little did we know this was such a valuable topic!
Oh, one more thing.  eBird has turned this quiet and laid back hobby into a competitive one.   You can now see the top 100 birders in a county, a State, the country, even the world! So, you want to go out and see more and more birds to improve your ranking.  Don't get discouraged when you make trips that do not yield the target birds.  Welcome to the club! It's simple but not easy.  Just keep birding! You'll see that "nemesis" bird soon enough.