Saturday, March 19, 2016

Field Trip at Central City Park

Our March field trip found us at Central City Park with six birders.  It was nice and pleasant the whole time.  Springlike weather.  Birds have been active in nesting, courtship and matting behavior.
Eastern Bluebird preening
Some of our wintering sparrows have started to leave.  Our summer residents typically start coming down at this time.  We saw Northern Rough-winged Swallows that are here for the breeding season only and the White-eyed Vireos moved up to our area.  We still had a lot of wintering bird species.
Birding is usually more than then just birds.  The train in the above picture was interesting; so were Japanese and Chinese Privets.  These are trees.

A pair of Chipping Sparrows
We ended up the outing with 49 species in a relaxed birding trip.  It was notable to watch several birds fetching nesting material and singing to declare the limits of their newly established territories.
Did someone had a message for Ty, our veteran birder and photographer?
Come join us on the next field trip, it's fun!


Oliver Richmond said...

Central Park has a lot to offer from open space to play structures, proximity to the Arts Center and the University, and of course, the emblematic gazebo. To me, memories of the Fall Festival, playing on the playground as a kid, reading here as a high school student, listening to music, and always wondering what gray haired groups of adults with tie-dye were doing, is all very Corvallis.

Coral Irvine said...

I spent two days in Central Park and it fascinated me that an oasis sat amidst the city giving reprieve.

Jessie said...

yeah good gazebo..