Monday, April 21, 2014

Banding schedule

Banding is a unique "citizen's birding" activities that can be very rewarding.  After helping a bander and learning what to do, a birder can experience a very unique moment in birding; holding a pretty bird in your own hand for banding.  This may not happen on your first day of banding but you can still see a bird up close as they get extracted from banding nests.

Charlie Muise is one of the well-known banders we have around.  If you are interested in this experience, here is his upcoming schedule for banding:

JOKU = Joe Kurz MWA in Meriwether County
PANO = Panola Mountain State Park in Rockdale County

Friday, May 9 JOKU 6:00
Saturday, May 10 PANO 5:40

Friday, May 16 JOKU 5:50
Friday, May 23 JOKU 5:45
Saturday, May 24 PANO 5:30
Saturday, May 31 PANO 5:30

Friday, June 6 JOKU 5:45
Friday, June 13 JOKU 5:45
Saturday June 14 PANO 5:30
Friday, June 20 JOKU 5:45
Saturday, June 21 PANO 5:30

Friday, July 4 JOKU 5:45 (if I can get help!!!)
Saturday, July 5 PANO 5:30 (If I can get help!)
Friday, July 11 JOKU 5:45
Saturday, July 12 PANO 5:30
Friday, July 25 JOKU 6:00
Saturday, July 26 PANO 5:45

Friday, August 1 JOKU 6:00
Saturday, August 2 PANO 5:45
Friday, August 8 JOKU 6:10
Saturday, August 16 PANO 6:00
Friday August 22 JOKU 6:15
Saturday August 30 PANO 6:10

And here is Charlie's email address:

Give it a try!  You might like this.  

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Here's some more information about visiting and volunteering at the banding stations: