Saturday, November 12, 2011

I had a great morning hiking the trails at Ocmulgee Monument (didn't see Trey and Walt). On the Bartram Trail between the parking lot and the road, I got to watch a Hermit Thrush for several minutes. Then when I rounded the corner, I thought I heard a high-pitched "seeee", and sure enough, there was a Brown Creeper working its way up a tree! I watched it go all the way up, then fly down to another tree, where I lost sight of it. Trey or Walt, if you read this, where did you have your Creeper? Wonder if mine was the same one or a different one. I also heard a Blue-Headed Vireo and a White-Breasted Nuthatch in this area.

It was fun to be surrounded by all the Song Sparrows and White-throated Sparrows down by the pond. I also enjoyed seeing a flock of 21 American Crows fly over, and 17 Black Vultures circling. I missed a few of the birds they got (didn't know where to look for the Common Nighthawk), but had a great day!


James said...

Great you saw a BRCR. It was most likely a different one. I had two near the big bridge over the railroad track and two others across the street from the Funeral Mound. They are fantastic to see. Sorry I stole Trey away to the Duck Ponds at Tobosofkee to see the LeConte's and Nelson's Sparrow. I will post to this blog next time we venture out.

jerry said...

enjoyed hearing about your walk Anne! and enjoyed the photo album on facebook.

Andre said...

Thanks for sharing, Anne.
I enjoyed reading your post.