Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some OAS CBC results

A quick note on some semi-official by the numbers of the Macon Christmas Bird Count held yesterday, Saturday DEC 17, 2011.

110 species! Not a bad total for an inland count
17422 individual birds
9 new individual species high counts
48 double-crested cormorant
72 pied-billed grebe
470 turkey vulture
8 northern harrier
14 barred owl
70 eastern phoebe
9 brown creeper
6 orange-crowned warbler
3 Baltimore oriole
7 species tied previous high counts
27 counters on 6 teams in the field - maybe a high count!
36 people at the countdown dinner - another high count!

We had a great day of birding the Macon CBC circle with some wonderful weather. Not too cold and not too hot, a "Goldilocks" kinda day as Ty Ivey called it. A few of the highlights include having 2 rufous hummingbirds in the count circle, 5 sandhill cranes leaving a McDonald's and losing 2 American coots to bald eagles at the Town Creek Reservoir.

oh yeah, we made the Macon Telegraph!

Thank you all for your participation!

12/19/2011 - adding a thumbnail of the totals for the count. this is a preview from the account


Andre said...

We broke some records!!!
What a great group to be part of, with events such as this, Christmas Bird Count.

James said...

We had an excellent count with many good species. It's nice to see all of the Rusty Blackbirds in the area. Patiently waiting for next year.