Monday, January 28, 2013

Birding field trip at the Ocmulgee NM

Northern Mockingbird
Our January field trip took us to the Ocmulgee NM.

The Northern Mockingbird in the above picture is all fluffed up.  There was a chill in the morning.  Not too many people showed up.  Just seven of us, and we enjoyed it very much.  
Kelly Coquerel, Jerry Amerson, Paul Honowski, Paul Johnson
 There are several places at the Ocmulgee National Mount where you can do some birding.  We covered about half of them and still counted 50 bird species in a few short hours.  Needless to say, this is my favorite birding place in the Macon area.  

The Kinglets were there.  Both Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  The Woodpeckers were well represented: Red Bellied, Red Headed, Northern Flickers, Downies, Pileated, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers.  We probably missed the Hairy Woodpecker but got everything else covered for the area.
Baltimore Oriole
Is that Oriole really mooning us? We need to send him back to Baltimore.  Such a Baltimore Oriole! We all enjoyed watching him go from branch to branch, changing positions and wondering why he was so famous that morning. He was just posing for Jerry to get a picture taken...but, what a pose!
On the boardwalk
What is always interesting about the Ocmulgee NM is that you'll see certain bird species where they hang out year after year.  Typically.  The Orange-crowned Warbler was in his same area on his rendez-vous. The sparrows were quite predictable: Chipping? there you are, Swamp, check, White-throated , you can be everywhere today but Paul Johnson heard you already hiding in the brushes, check, Song Sparrow? check. 

We saw Towhees, and Wrens (Carolina and Winter), Vireos (White Eyed and Blue-headed), the usual (Titmice, Chickadees...), then a Brown Creeper! Nice. 
Blue-headed Vireo
It's interesting to go birding where non-birders also come.  You'll see people jogging, walking their dogs, taking their kids for a promenade in the "woods", and they don't even notice any of the pretty birds!!!  What a crying shame. 
Great Egret
How do beautiful Great Egrets stay so clean and white in dirty marshes? Always wondered about that. 
Belted Kingfisher
This Kingfisher's name is Raspie.  I've named her three years ago.  I think she's the same bird.  She is very vocal in the Spring and Summer.  If it's not the same bird, then she sure looks familiar!
Cedar Waxwings
The Cedar Waxwings in the above picture were part of the welcome committee.  Their large number was overshadowed by the 123 Red-winged Blackbirds.  They beat the 19 American Goldfinches in number.  

This turned out to be a really pleasant birding day.  The Ocmulgee NM usually is.  If you haven't birded there yet, try it.

Thanks to Jerry Amerson for sharing the bird pictures.  
Thanks to Kelly for coming birding with your Dad on a cold day.

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