Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Warblers at the Ocmulgee National Monument

The Ocmulgee NM is a great place for birding, especially if you live in the Macon area.
The Spring migration for warblers brought a lot of pretty birds for us to enjoy.  Someone (Trey McCuen) has observed 20 warblers in one day, including many spring migrants.
Of course, we're happy to see our resident warblers return home and breed.
The bird pictures in this post have be provided by Bill Flatau.  Thanks, Bill!
I didn't put the bird names in the picture captions so you'll have a chance to identify them in the comment section.
OK, not all the birds here are warblers.  Do I need to change the title of the post?
Pretty Tanager!
 Don't forget to identify the birds in the comment section.



Anne said...

Great pictures! I think I know all the answers, but I'll let others comment. I've got to get back out there soon!!!

jerry said...

Great pictures Bill! Let's see how many guesses we get.

Dushan said...

I'm a beginner to this business so let me see whether I can guess them right. (starting from top). Cape May Warbler, Orchard Oriole, Yellow Warbler (male?), Yellow-breasted Chat, Eastern Kingbird (?),Blue Grosbeak, Summer Tanager(male), Some type of a Pipit ? Not sure.

Barbara Edwards said...

I agree with Dushan and I believe the last picture is a female Blackpoll Warbler. I have had lots of Blackpolls in my yard including one day I had 2 males and a female at the same time.

Dushan said...

It never occurred to me that the last one can be a female Blackpoll Warbler. Thanks Barbara.

Andre Coquerel said...

I'm impressed, Dushan! You're no longer a beginner...
Barbara was right on the last bird. A female Blackpoll. We saw a male Blackpoll at the Mounds too, Bill took a picture of this female, and it made the guessing harder. (Not a Pitpit)
Thanks for identifying these birds!