Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We are setting up subgroups within our Audubon chapter.

What is a subgroup and how will that benefit you?
Subgroups are simply informal smaller groups within our chapter to allow for more birding activities among members.  These subgroups are put together by geographic affinity and personal preferences.  

Personal preferences? Yes.  If you enjoy just going out birding, you can join one of the regular subgroups.  If you prefer to stop and appreciate everything else in nature while birding, you can join the "birding and nature subgroup".  With this subgroup, members can spend more time appreciating other riches in nature beside birds: wildflowers, butterflies, plants species, trees, ..., any living things found in nature.  

And the benefits of these subgroups for you? Most of our members have realized that we see more birds while we are with other birders.  We learn more about birding in general when we are with more experienced birders.  And we enjoy sharing our birding skills with newer birders.  We can continue to experience the same benefits within a smaller group.  

Birders typically venture out more often than once a month for birding.  The "spur of the moment" type of birding can yield some exciting birds...

... and birding as such with a small group of other birders in our respective areas can lead to a richer and more frequent birding activity.   

How are the subgroups set up?
Our subgroups will be set up very informally.  No need for monthly meetings.  You'll see each other when you go out birding.  And the communication will be by email or by text to a phone.  There will be a subgroup coordinator.  The subgroup coordinators have a coordinator on the board who will pass on interesting birding sightings and happenings in Georgia.  That person is Jim Gilreath.  We have someone on the board who will be checking on all the interesting birding related activities to pass on to Jim and the board.  That person is Trey McCuen.

You need to join a subgroup.  You do need to join a subgroup so you can be notified about outings with a subgroup.  The coordinator will just need your name and email address.  Again, this is supposed to be simple and informal.  We expect the size of a subgroup to be between three to eight people.  

What are the subgroups?
You can join the: 
Houston County subgroup.  Joy Brown is the coordinator and can be contacted at joy.brown1@cox.net.

Bibb County subgroup.  I am the coordinator for this subgroup and you can contact me at: coquerel@bellsouth.net.  My name is Andre Coquerel. 

Milledgeville area subgroup.  The coordinators for the Milledgeville area are Joe and Jane Mangum at joemangumpc@windstream.net.  You can contact them in you are in their area or want to bird that area.

Birding and Nature subgroup.  You can contact Jim Ferrari at jferrari@wesleyancollege.edu.  For those who love nature beyond birds.

This is what you need to do.  Contact one of the subgroup coordinators and join a subgroup.  If you don't like it, just tell the coordinator to take your name out.

The purpose of this subgroup creation is to answer the need we sometimes have to go out birding with someone when the location is a bit far.  Or for some of our lady birders, the hesitation to go to some birding spots alone.  Or again, the convenience to share travel expenses with other birders by carpooling.  Georgia is a fairly big State and it's not cheap to drive up birding wherever the birds decide to show up.  Finally, this provides a communication outlet for what is happening around in the birding community.

Have you ever wondered who else is birding in your area? Or who is going to see that rare bird that has been reported? We hope these subgroups can help.

When you join a subgroup, you will not be limited to the outings of that subgroup.  You may go out with any group heading anywhere you're interested in.  Being part of one subgroup, allows you to be in the know of what is happening.

Let's go birding and enjoy nature!

Andre Coquerel



Doug Kimball said...

I think this is a great idea. I like both the geographic approach and the general nature approach. Sometimes I hesitated to point out a wildflower, butterfly, herp or other "non-bird" species... but now the general nature group would welcome these sightings! I wish I was still in Georgia!

Andre Coquerel said...

Thanks Doug!
You deserve some credit here. You are among the small group of people who would appreciate nature riches beside birds during field trips. Butterflies, wildflowers, taking pictures...
This motivated the inclusion of the "birds and nature" as a subgroup.
I'm signing up for this subgroup as I have a lot to learn about wildflowers, plants,...
Wish you were here still with Catherine!