Monday, December 8, 2014

Flashback from 2014 Field Trips

Yellow-throated Warbler at the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge
The year is about over with field trips.  Our Christmas Bird Count is on the 20th.  Don't miss it.  Here are some pictures from some field trips we've enjoyed.

At the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge with Jerry Payne.  We run into him like birders ran into other birders in birding areas.
Central City Park with the late Charles Planck.  You are missed, Chuck!
Central City Park with Kim Ramos who went to Florida.  Come back and see us, Kim!
Ocmulgee National Monument with Thomas Price.
Ocmulgee NM with Joy Acred Brown.
It's more than birds, folks! I remember when everyone was checking this fungus sponge (?) out at the Ocmulgee NM.
At the Indian Mound with Anne Armstrong.  Is the Ocmulgee NM a.k.a. Indian Mound our favorite birding spot?
 There is a Pileated Woodpecker in that tree.  You can see it real well with your binoculars.
At the Brown's Mound with Walt Bowman and the Mangums (Joe and Jane).  Paul Hownoski is in the foreground.
This Orb Spider has been riding in Paul's hat.  I remember touching her.  She is actually soft.
At the Ocmulgee NM with Jerry Amerson and Paul Hownoski.  I don't remember these two ever missing a field trip! The faithful duo.
Brown's Mound with Jim Gilreath.  Picture time!
At Wesleyan College, Birding 101 field trip.  Picture by Jerry Amerson.  He must have a better camera than me!
A family of Mallards. Birding 101 at Wesleyan.  I guess that's from my phone camera.  I need a camera like Jerry's!

Mercer University field trip with Andrew Silver, Ty Ivey, and Dushan Aththidiyavidana.
Pond 2A, Piedmont NM.
Central City Park with Marie Amerson, Kelly Coquerel, Alan and his wife Christine.  Just completed a long walk.
Painted Bunting at Central City Park
 Picture courtesy Jerry Amerson at Central City Park.
Cherokee Brickyards with Charlie Muise.  Cold!
Mercer University with Debbie Coquerel, the Magums, Anne, Jerry, Dushan, Ty.
Black and White Warbler
At the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge.

How many bird species would you have seen if you came to our field trips this year in Georgia? 153. Not bad!
We hope to see you, or see you more often in 2015.

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