Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birding outing at the Cherokee Brickyards

This was our monthly birding outing.  Nineteen (19) birders in five vehicles to the Macon/Cherokee  Brickyards.

This birding spot is renowned for ducks and it did not disappoint.  We enjoyed seeing Northern Shovelers, a good number of Ring-necked Ducks, Blue-winged and Green-winged Teals, Rudy Ducks and many more waterfowl species.  Everyone enjoyed viewing the ducks including Northern Pintails through the Scopes.  
Patty McLean and Kathy Miller from the Atlanta area came down to join us.  This is just how popular this area is for birders. 
Don't tell anyone, there was one little surprise we didn't realize before heading out.  A portion of the driving turned out to be a muddy safari style with a couple of vehicles doing a little skid dance on the roads.  I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had a nice chuckle about the scene! 
Seemed like the many Anhingas and Double Crested Cormorants were enjoying the little rain we had.  The Eagles had a different opinion and stayed put.  Even the juvenile stayed out of sight! Is that bird sliding into the water or falling? 

Sure, we saw a lot of ducks, Wilson's Snipes, Canada Geese in flight, Eastern Meadowlarks, Greater Yellowlegs, lots of American Coots, hundreds maybe thousands of Gulls..., but the previous outings here have yielded even more bird species.   
You may think that waterfowl species don't mind the water, right? Look at the above picture, and think again.  This is what happened today.  Some ducks did not show up for the rendezvous.  Shy from the little rain.  The Macon Brickyards still beats any other place I've seen around for ducks.  If you didn't come this time, don't miss it next time.

All in all we ended up with around 40 bird species.  Not bad for a bad weather birding. 

Disclaimer: except for the first 2 pictures, I did not take the other pics.  A friend emailed them to me from Alabama without the name of  the photographer so I can't give proper credit.  Too bad.  These are great pics.  Whoever you are, thanks!


James said...

Sorry I missed the field trip,and sorry it got rained out. I would have loved to have joined you all in the quagmire. Perhaps next time.

Anne said...

Sorry I had to miss the trip. Thanks for the great report!

Andre said...

You both don't have to feel sorry for missing the field trip. I already felt sorry for you when I didn't see you.
A person can't just go to the Brickyards anytime he/she wants now.
See you next time!...when you show up. lol